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Extraordinary Experience In Eyebrows Care

Hi, my name is Leticia Fjord. I am international PMU artist. My mission is to help women feel confident, empowered, and beautiful, and microblanding gives me the power to do it.

I’ve brought all of my talent and expertise from Brazil, and I’ve been performing in San Antonio since early 2020.

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Perfect eyebrow are not born by accident. You can get it by making and appointament.

Extraordinary Experience In Eyebrows Care

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    I’m extremely happy with Leticia’s work but what I’m really impressed by is her professionalism, kindness and her attitude towards her job. She is one of the kindest people I have encountered in USA.

    Katarina Nikić


    Leticia is the best of the best! She has dedicated her life to mastering the art of eyebrows. She is meticulous and is an expert of all the little details. I’m a blond so I was nervous about them being too dark or “too much” for my face. She got it exactly right. I HIGHLY recommend Leticia if you are thinking about getting your eyebrows done….I wish I would have done mine years ago!

    Alix Thompson


    I chose Leticia as my brow angel, I love her technique and her work after being undecided for years I decided she was the one. I’m so glad i waited she made it easy threw out the whole process and carefully created my natural brow and perfected my look. ❤️

    Leigh Marie